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Our mission is to ensure your private data is safe. This Declaration of Privacy concerns and GR OPCO, LLC, and controls compiling and processing of information. If not stated differently, for the sake of this Declaration of Privacy, every mention of GR OPCO, LLC contains, 7eight7,, and This is an e-business web page. By utilizing the 7eight7 website, you agree on the information customs presented in this declaration.

Storing your personal data

To make the best use of our products and services, 7eight7 may store your personal details, including your:

  • First Name and Surname
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • Phone number

For your information, we might store your credit card data when you buy 7eight7’s products and services. This data is needed in order to finalize your purchase. There is another group of personal details 7eight7 might store as well. They refer to your:

  • Age
  • Gender

We only gather personal data that you allow us to have. There is a group of personal data that is needed from you to use some of our products and services. More specifically, they refer to: creating an account, participating in a challenge endorsed by our company or associates, entering contests for promotional offers presented by particular 3rd parties, contacting us via email, and providing billing data when shopping for our products and services. We’ll utilize your data in order to communicate with you about an array of services and products that we have in store for you. There is a possibility that we might collect supplemental personal or impersonal data.

How we handle your personal data

7eight7 gathers and utilizes your personal data to provide and run the services you’ve asked for.

7eight7 and its affiliates might utilize your personal data to notify you of some other products and services you may be interested in.

Data sharing with 3rd parties

7eight7 never sells, rents, or leases its client database to anyone else.

For communication, promotional, analysis, support, and delivery purposes, 7eight7 might distribute your information among credible associates.

User behavior monitoring

7eight7 wants to know which pages within our website are the most popular among our clients. To monitor your visits and improve our products and services, we might keep an eye on that. You might receive personalized information and promotional content in line with your online behavior while visiting our website that might hint at what you’re interested in.

Data that is gathered instantly

7eight7 might instantly gather data about your computer software and hardware. Your IP address, search engine, domain titles, time of visit, and associated website addresses are all examples of this data. We make the best of general statistics about how people use the 7eight7 website, maintaining our top quality service, and bettering our service. We might collect the data in order to revamp our products and services occasionally.

Handling of cookies

To tailor our products and services to you, the 7eight7 site might collect “cookies”. By definition, a cookie is a textual file positioned on your hard drive by any website you visit. What is great about cookies is that they cannot affect your computer negatively or implement a virus within your system. You get a unique cookie that is only yours and recognized by a website you visit when you visit it again.

The goal of cookies is to save some information that could save you time the next time you visit the website that gave you a cookie initially. Namely, if you insert personal information in order to tailor 7eight7 pages to your needs or register your account on our website or services, having a cookie assists 7eight7 website with remembering some particular information collected during your previous visits. This process of collecting cookies containing your personal data, including financial details and addresses, etc., is largely made easy and available thanks to the cookie collecting process. It happens very often that websites receive cookies without asking for your consent, however, you’re most welcome to configure your web browser to do not accept cookies. Kindly note that if you don’t accept cookies, you might not experience the fun virtual features of any of the 7eight7 services and pages you land on.


7eight7 website is linked to other pages. We are responsible for everything that is placed on our website, including the privacy settings. By contrast, we’re not responsible for any kind of content that is published on the linked websites or their privacy settings. Please familiarize yourself with the privacy settings of the linked websites because they might save your personal data for whatever purpose they might serve.

Personal data safety

7eight7 keeps your personal data safe from unapproved entry, operation, or revelation. We use the next technique for this goal:

  • SSL protocol

Whenever a piece of personal data (financial details, for example), is sent to other websites, it goes through a layer of protection called encryption. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the protocol we use. Our mission is to apply safety precautions to defend against unapproved entry or modification of your personal data. Sadly, no data is one hundred percent safe in the online world. Every time you send information through a virtual channel, keep in mind that it is not completely safe. Even though we aim to keep your personal data safe, you accept that: a) there are safety and privacy blocks in the online world that we cannot control, b) safety, credibility, and privacy of every piece of personal data traded between you as our client and us as the product and service provider, cannot be ensured.

Right to data removal

Subject to certain exemptions set out underneath, upon receiving a provable demand from you, we will:

  • Erase your personal data from our database; and
  • Demand from any other service provider to erase your personal data from their database.

Please be informed that we might hold the right to not erase your personal data if it is essential for:

  • Finalizing a transaction that used collected personal data from you, delivering you ordered service or the one expected due to the nature of our professional relationship in progress, acting in line with the terms of our written warranty or product recall as stated by federal law.
  • Recognizing safety threats, keeping you secure against illegal, malicious, fraudulent, or deceptive actions, or bringing legal proceedings against the ones accountable for the action in question;
  • Detecting and removing any malfunctions that are affecting the planned functions;
  • Supporting and promoting free speech, securing the right of all customers to free speech or any other right that is granted by law.
  • Respecting the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act;
  • Getting involved in public or peer-reviewed research concerning science, history, or statistics, which is conducted for the public gain and in line with ethical principles of research and protection of personal data, in cases when our removal of your personal data could obstruct the beneficial outcome of the research, under the condition that you have allowed us to use and share your personal data;
  • Allowing for internal use of your personal data that is by your assumptions grounded on the nature of our mutual relationship;
  • Acting in line with a legal duty; or
  • Utilizing your personal data internally in a way that matches the circumstances within which you revealed your personal data.

Children under thirteen years of age

7eight7  does not intendedly store personal data from children under thirteen years of age. In case you are younger than thirteen, we need permission from your parent or guardian in order for you to use our website.

Disconnecting your 7eight7 account from 3rd party websites

You will be given chance to connect your 7eight7 account to an account managed by a 3rd party website. KINDLY NOTE THAT BY CONNECTING YOUR 7EIGHT7 ACCOUNT TO AN ACCOUNT MANAGED BY A 3RD PARTY WEBSITE MEANS THAT YOU’RE AWARE OF AND CONSENT TO AN UNINTERRUPTED DISCLOSURE OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA TO OTHERS (WHICH IS IN LINE WITH YOUR PRIVACY CONFIGURATIONS ON THE SITES OWNED BY 3RD PARTIES). IN CASE YOU DON’T WANT YOUR PERSONAL DATA SHARED WITH 3RD PARTY WEBSITES, PLEASE DISABLE THIS OPTION. There is a possibility that you can cancel your engagement with a 3rd party account whenever you want. Go to the “My Account” section of our website and learn how to cancel your engagement with a 3rd party website. If you need additional information, give us a call or send us an email.

Email correspondence

For purposes including updates, offers, surveys, confirmations, alerts, and any other, 7eight7 might send you an email. We might get notified when you open an email from us or open a link we’ve sent you. This is done automatically and in order to perfect our products and services.

You can unsubscribe from our promotional emails whenever you like.

Outside data cache sites

There is a possibility we save your data on online servers owned by 3rd party hosting vendors that we’re working with.

We hold the right to change this declaration at any time

7eight7 holds the right to make any modifications to this Privacy Policy. You will get informed about major changes related to the way we handle personal data by informing you via your email address provided in your account, by publishing an update on our website, and/or modifying any privacy data. Your consistent use of our website and/or products and services provided to you after any kind of change is being implemented will establish your: a) acceptance of the altered Privacy Policy; and (b) consent to observe and oblige to the conditions of the Policy.

Contact details

You’re welcome to ask questions or make comments related to this Declaration of Privacy. If by any means you claim that 7eight7 is not respecting this Declaration, reach out to us via email.

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